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Different ways of using crosstab in a Dashboard.



This document provides information about  different ways of consuming data in a crosstab format from Webi into a dashboard

This can be achieved  using BIWS as well as Live office connections in Dashboards.

QaaWs does not support crosstab.

Using BI web service:

     1. Create a Webi report in Cross tab format.

     2. Publish the Crosstab block as a Web service.

     3. Launch Dashboard Designer.

     4. In the Data -> Connections ->Add -> Web Service Query (Query As A Web Service)/ Web service connection .

     5. Click on import button.

     6. In the output values ->Table -> Row ->Cell, map it to a range.


7. In output values -> Headers -> Row -> Cell


8. Map it to the row above the previously mapped


9. In the Usage option ->Check refresh before components are loaded.


10. Drag a Spreadsheet Table component in the Canvas.


11. Map it to the whole range.


12. Preview the Dashboard.


You could also go through the following SAP note:

1996794 - How to create a Dashboard based on the crosstab using web services published from a Webi report.

Using Live office:

     1.Create a crosstab in a Webi report or crystal report.

     2. Create Live Office document in the Excel and Save the Excel document.

     3. In the Dashboard Designer, go to Data tab ->Import menu and import the Live
         Office document created in the above step.

     4. Add the Live office connection in Data Manager ->Add ->Live office. Specify a hostname in the Session URL under Definition tab.

     5. Drag a Spreadsheet Table component on canvas.

     6. Map it to the Crosstab in the Excel spreadsheet.

     7. Preview the dashboard.

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