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SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

Adding custom columns via /SAPAPO/RRP_IO_COL as of note 1709784


As of note 1709784, the structure of BAdI /SAPAPO/RRP_IO_COL changed.

As a result, after implementing this note or upgrading the system to a newer release or support package, it is common that the BAdI implementation does not work anymore.

The purpose of this document is to provide a very simple example for the BAdI implementation according to the new structure. In this case, an additional column is added to the product view.

In order to add a custom column to the Product View, implementations of the methods RRP_USEX_COLS_GET_TEXT_01 and RRP_USEX_COLS_FILL_01 have to be created. Also, the new column should be made visible by changing the layout of the Elements tab at the Product View:

1) Implementing method RRP_USEX_COLS_GET_TEXT_01:

>> In this method, it is necessary to fill both the internal tables CT_COLS_TEXT and CT_CUS_FIELDS. The first internal table will hold the description of the column, while the second will contain the technical name of the field, used for internal processing. An example could be:

2) Implementing method RRP_USEX_COLS_FILL_01:

>> In this method, the value of the custom column for each of the rows of the Elements tab has to be filled. An example could be:

3) Displaying the new column in the Elements tab of the Product View

>> Firstly, use Change Layout option to add the field to the layout of the ALV.

>> Then, see the column with the values already filled:

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