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How to install SAP Mobile Documents using the Software Update Manager (SUM)


This document describes the installation of SAP Mobile Documents on SAP NetWeaver AS Java using the Software Update Manager (SUM). It is part of the complete step-by-step setup guide.

1. Prerequisites:

You have installed SAP NetWeaver AS Java.

The following steps will be described:

  • Download of software packages
  • Extraction of Software Update Manager (SUM)
  • Deployment of SAP Mobile Documents

2. Download

1.1 Download of SAP Mobile Documents Server

Go to the SAP Service Marketplace at

-> Support Packages & Patches

-> Browser our Download Catalog

-> SAP Mobile Solutions

-> SAP Mobile Documents



-> Comprised Software Component Versions


-> #OS independent

Download (only) the latest version (previous SPs are included):

Note: The extension of the file should be .SCA. In some cases, the extension of the downloaded file is .ZIP. In this case rename the file extension from .ZIP to .SCA.

2.2 Download of Software Update Manager

Go to the SAP Service Marketplace at

-> SL Toolset 1.0

Software Update Manager is listed in the first line of the first table:

-> download (SUM)

-> Software Update Manager 1.0

-> Support Package Patches

-> <YourOS>

Unpack Software Update Manager with the SAPCAR command line tool:

SAPCAR is part of a standard NetWeaver installation and should be available under the following path: /usr/sap/<SID>/SCS01/exe. If SAPCAR is missing you can download it manually at SAP Service Marketplace

Extract SUM with the following command: SAPCAR –xvf downloadedSumFile -R destination

The result should be a folder that contains the following file and folder:

Important Note:

The current SUM version is configured to use HTTPS by default, so you cannot connect to the SUM server without configuration effort.

To avoid this move to the directory <SUM>/sdt/param and open the file “jump_config”.

Change the value of the attribute “/sapstartsrv/httpsconnection“ from “true” to “false”.

3. Deployment of SAP Mobile Documents

Log on to the Windows session as <SID>adm.

Move inside the <SUM> folder and start the SUM server:
Right click on STARTUP.bat or STARTUP file and click run as Administrator.

As a result, SUM will be started in the background

Leave this command prompt window open.

In the windows explorer move to folder <SUM>/sdt/exe/ and open the file DSUGui.bat or DSUGui to start the user interface.

Press the “Log on” button to connect to the SUM  server:

Define a SUM Administrator name (e.g. SUMADM) and a password.

Click OK.

On the Welcome screen click Next:

Enter your <SID>adm credentials and click Next:

Choose “Manually prepared directory”, click “Browse” and navigate to the directory where your downloaded SAP Mobile Documents .SCA file is placed:

Click "Next" a couple of times until the deployment wizard is finalized.

During the deployment you might get a warning saying: No valid Maintenance Certificate found on AS Jave ....

You can ignore this information.

During the wizard you will need to provide the credentials of the administrator user of the AS Java:

After you have executed the final step, you can close the Wizard with File - Exit.

4. Verify the deployment

Validate the applications deployed on the Application Server Java:

http(s)://<host>:<port>/nwa/start-stop → Java Applications → Filter column name for mcm → Check the status

Note: The startup mode of the applications is set to lazy. When a user tries to access SAP Mobile Documents, the application will be started automatically.

5.  Next Steps

Check out Karsten Geiseler's document on how to configure SAP Mobile Documents