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MAN Production Planning (PP)

CRP Basic Settings part 4 - Running Capacity Leveling in Background


When you are running Capacity Leveling for a large number of objects, very often you will notice peformance issues, long runtimes or even a time out when loading, dispatching or saving the results.

The most easy way to avoid this kind of issue is the creation of a background job to dispatch the orders in background and this document explains how to use transaction CM40 to create such job.

This is a continuation of the following CRP Basic settings documents previously published on SCN:

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1 - If you have never created such job before, the first steps is to run transaction CM40, defining a name for your job and which overall profile will be used.

If you check the flag redefine selection, you will be allowed to define the selection criteria to be used on your background job.

2 - If you choose the option save parameters, system will simply save the parameters under your job name and the batch will not be triggered. The parameters will be automatically loaded when you enter the transaction again with your job.

3 - Choosing the option Schedule batch job, you can define a background job to be executed periodically (weekly, or monthly, for example). This is quite similar to the scheduling of another background jobs, such as MRP.

4 - With the remaining options Execute background job at once and Execute job at oce online, the job is executed immediately, in background or online, depending on the option selected.

5 - You can check if the job is correctly scheduled, if it is being executed or if has already finished using transaction SM37.

6 - At last, you can check for warnings or errors using on logs of mass processing using transaction CM41 and see the dispatched orders on CM21/CM25.