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SAP Fiori - App Types (Transactional, Fact Sheets, Analytical)

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This is a collaborative document to share lessons learned contents for App Types (Transactional, Fact Sheets, Analytical) in the community SAP Fiori.

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New and Updated:

Transactional Apps:

Please look at SAP Fiori App Types and Database Requirements - SAP Fiori UX - SAP Library.

  • Transactional Apps run on Any Database and Business Suite on HANA

Fact Sheets:

Fact Sheets display master data or business documents in display mode. Fact Sheets are called from other apps like Analytical Apps by using app-to-app navigation in Fiori launchpad. Also you can search master data or business documents in the Fiori launchpad like Google search. Facts Sheet is called by selecting the search result.

Please look at the Purchasing Management video SAP Real-Time Business. At 0:43 Purchasing Contract Fact Sheet is called from Contract Usage Analytical app. Fact sheets run only on an SAP HANA database and require an ABAP stack.

Analytical Apps/ SAP Smart Business:

Analytical Apps have another name SAP Smart Business or Smart Business Cockpit. You can search information with the keyword "Smart Business".

  • Analytical apps run only on an SAP HANA database and use virtual data models (VDM).

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