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SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Best practices to get Dashboards (based of QAAWS or BIWS) work on mobile devices.

Hi All,

In recent times, I have seen lot of queries around Dashboards based of QAAWS/BIWS on mobile devices( i.e. iPad or Android tablets). I am writing down this document to help everyone to follow some of the best practices listed below to have seamless delivery of Dashboards for mobile devices.

Check the below links and confirm you have followed the general best practices for mobile devices.

Mobile Dashboards Best Practices

1959380 - Best Practices to create Dashboards for iPad/Tablets viewed using SAP BI Mobile Application

Now, some key stuff to be followed specifically for Dashboards based on QAAWS/BIWS for mobile devices:

  • Confirm you have BI4.1 versions of Dashboards and BI platform. ( QAAWS/BIWS is supported from 4.1).
  • Check the connection and mappings defined in the dashboards is correct.
  • Try to make use of IP address in the Web service* URL.(*I am NOT talking about the wsdl URL)
  • Do not use relative URL. It would not work on the mobile devices.
  • Save the dashboards in the mobile categories.
  • Configure the connection correctly on your mobile devices.

          * Many a times I have seen issues here when using domain name. Test by trying to make use of IP address.

  • Test your connection and confirm it works.

Some additional information:

If you are on BI4.1 SP1/SP2 version of BI Platform and Dashboards, the QAAWS/BIWS requires the credential to be hardcoded in connection information(Data-Connection-Query as a Web Service-Input values).

This is fixed with Patch 2.5 for BI4.1 SP2 and Patch3.2 for BI4.1 SP3.

NOTE: The fix is only applicable for iOS devices and does not apply for Android based tablets. For Android, you would still need to hard code the credentials until further notice.

Hope this helps.