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#LEXed How to Show Months in Hierarchical Order on X-Axis using Custom Hierarchies



Show Months in Hierarchical Order on X-Axis

In this document we show you how to prepare your data and create custom hierarchies that will allow you to properly display your historical data in a visualization, ordered by months.

The final visualization can look like this!

Background Tutorial: Create a Time Hierarchy


What the visualization looks like prior to making appropriate changes. Note that the months are not in the correct order.


Step 1

In original data set, changes must be made to the date configuration.

It is important to remember that SAP Lumira can only recognize a date if it has a day, month and year.

Using the Replace function in Excel, we change the "Month" column to include a day. (Excel automatically recognizes it as a date then and adds a year to it. We take care of this afterwards in SAP Lumira.

When data is replaced:


Step 2

In Prepare Room

Create time hierarchy from the "Month" column

Because Excel automatically inserted a year to our sheet, we must remove it from our hierarchy. Otherwise, when we create our visualization,

it will show as if all of the numbers are for the year that was inserted into Excel.


Step 3

In Prepare Room

We can now use the new Custom Hierarchy function as released in SP17

We create a custom hierarchy out of the "Week" column


Step 4

In Visualize Room

We build our visualization now using our hierarchies

Important to note that we have the "Week" hierarchy sitting on top of the "Month" in the Dimensions

We can now compare the Year over Year differences between 2013 and 2014 in proper order of months.



And Just like that you've been able to order your data in a hierarchical fashion that is reflected on the X-Axis

Learn more:

What's new in SP17

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