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Using Lumira - Processes Data Visualization


The Lumira Pathway (click to navigate)

Aquiring Data Button.pngPreparing Data Button.pngVisualizing Data Button.pngComposing Stories Button.pngSharing Insights Button.png

After data preparation you can visualize your data in real time with a few simple steps. With a fluid drag and drop interface, SAP Lumira allows users to quickly create stunning visualizations and discover hidden insights.

In step 4, users can take their visualizations and create storyboards and infographics with just a few clicks. This allows users to take complex data sets, and aggregate them into an easily viewable and understandable presentation.

  • Powerful visualizations
    • Rich library of charts, trellis, and table
    • Authoring of info charts for use in infographics
    • SDK for custom visualizations and extensions based on D3
    • Support for color palettes and templates
  • Interactive user experience
    • Drag-and-drop dimensions and measures to the chart area or Chart Feeder Panel
    • Set axis scale
    • Animate data movements
  • Easy sharing
    • Automatically saved in the gallery
    • Copy, email, print visualizations

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