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SAP Lumira

Using Lumira - Processes Data Preparation


The Lumira Pathway (click to navigate)

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Once you input data into SAP Lumira it is then time to prepare it. Using SAP Lumira you can change basic parameters such as the addition and removal of rows, columns, dimensions and measures. As well as more complex functions such as defining time and geographical hierarchies.

  • Transform data
    • Duplicate, hide, split, remove, rename columns
    • Edit or replace values, add or trim text, convert case
    • Create new groups, measures, calculated dimensions, calculated measures
    • Define time and geography hierarchies
    • Combine data
  • Append datasets (union)
    • Merge on composite keys and 1:N relationships
    • Vertical look up (left outer join)
    • Intersection (inner join)
  • Gain additional insights
    • View associated data in Facet view
    • Create new datasets from existing visualizations
    • Apply filters, sort columns, apply formulas

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