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Using Lumira


The Lumira Pathway (click to navigate)

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Step 1 to the Lumira Pathway is to Acquire Data. SAP Lumira accepts a variety of data files of all sizes including SAP Hana, Microsoft Excel, web data, and many other sources. You can combine multiple data sets in the same view or leverage your BI platform for trust and scale. With SAP Lumira you can maximize your data knowledge and get most up-to-date information without help from IT.

  • Personal, corporate, and web data
    • Microsoft Excel, CSV, Text files
    • SAP HANA, SAP Universe (.unx, .unv),
    •   Query with SQL
    • Copy web data into clipboard
  • Flexible options
    • Include or remove rows, columns, dimensions, measures, SAP HANA variables and SAP HANA input parameters
    • Import Microsoft Excel crosstab without manual reformatting
  • Data access from SAP Lumira Cloud
    • Published data from SAP Lumira Desktop
    • New dataset from Microsoft Excel and CSV files
    • Schedule data refresh using SAP Lumira Agent

Resources to learn more:

Tutorials - Release 1.17:

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