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World Cup #DataViz Gallery


Rank by Appearance - by Tammy Powlas

FIFA World Cup - All Teams Rank - by Andrew Fox

Team Participation - by Compunet

Points - by Compunet

FIFA Ranking - by Compunet

World Cup History and Analysis - by Patricio Cordero

<a href="">Using import.i to extract any data from the web into</a>

<a href=""> Lumira</a> - by Ronald Konijnenburg

World Cup - by Gustavo

World Cup Analysis - by Chilean Partner Tech1Group

Soccer Cup 2014 - Why Germany Will Win This Year

- by Florian Henninger

2014 World Cup Brazil and SAP Lumira -

Fun Fact and Picks - by Kenny Herbas

Which is the best team ever in FIFA's World Cups?

- by Eduardo Rodrigues

Data Geek Challenge 2: Can your birthday help you play

football in Japan or England - by Robert Russell

Data Geek - British Football Transfers 2012 / 2013

- by Matt Vasey

FIFA World Cup Champions - by Ebrahim Ahmed

Analyzing Spanish Football League using SAP Lumira

- by Carlos Pinto Camarero

It’s raining goals, but who will lift the 2014 FIFA

World Cup? - by Dipali Mehta

World Cup Team Wins and Goals - by Seidor

World Cup Goals - by Crystal Solutions

History of World Cup Dashboard - by Tech 1 Group

World Cup Analysis - by Henley's

What's your World Cup analysis? Get details and sample data at

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