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Configure Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 to use Kerberos authentication


This is step 3 of a document series about setting up SAP Mobile Documents (based on SAP NetWeaver AS Java) to connect to Microsoft Sharepoint using Kerberos.

Setup Web Component in Sharepoint

Open Sharepoint Central Administration

Go to Application Management --> Manage web applications

Select New

Enter a name, set a port which is not yes used by some other application.

Set Enable Windows Authentication - Integrated Windows authentication - Negotiate (Kerberos)

Scroll down. As public URL, enter the URL that will be used in the destination from the AS Java.

In the Application Pool section:

Note: You might need to re-enter the values on the page, as Sharepoint might have lost the settings from the previous step.

Set the user that you "created" in the previous step:

Press OK - The Web Application is being created.

Create Site Collections

Go to Application Management - Create site collections

Enter admin users for the siteĀ  - You should use one of them to log on to SAP Mobile Documents Admin console when creating the
connection from SAP Mobile Documents to Sharepoint:

Click OK

Enable CMIS for the Site

In order for SAP Mobile Documents to be able to connect to the site you just created, you need to enable CMIS.

To do that you open up the newly created site with URL postfix /_layouts/15/ManageFeatures.aspx

Log on with one of the administrators that you did define for this site:

Enable Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Producer:

The Sharepoint site is now ready to be connected to SAP Mobile Documents.

Continue with step 4 of the document series.

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