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Setting up SAP Mobile Documents to connect to Microsoft Sharepoint using Kerberos


This is the Overview / Agenda Document of a document series about setting up SAP Mobile Documents (based on SAP NetWeaver AS Java) to connect to Microsoft Sharepoint using Kerberos.

It is part of the complete step-by-step setup guide for SAP Mobile Documents.

These are platforms that I used:

  • SAP AS Java 7.40 based on Windows (however, this scenario will also work for non-Windows platforms)
  • Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 (Sharepoint 2010 is also supported)


Check out the high-level overview about this scenario.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to set up the scenario:

Step 1: Setup of Kerberos Service Users (on MS Active Directory)

Step 2: Setup of SAP NetWeaver AS Java for Server-to-Server Single Sign-On using Kerberos

Step 3: Configure Microsoft Sharepoint to use Kerberos Authentication

Step 4: Setup Connection from SAP Mobile Documents to Microsoft Sharepoint

Remark: Currently this is just a step-by-step guide without overall explanation on a higher level.

I will add a big picture into this document going forward.