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Setup Connection from SAP Mobile Documents to Microsoft Sharepoint


This is step 4 of a document series about setting up SAP Mobile Documents (based on SAP NetWeaver AS Java) to connect to Microsoft Sharepoint using Kerberos.

Create Java Destination

Open NetWeaver Administrator - search for "destinations" - Click Destinations


Click Create


Select the local system as Hosting System, provide a destination name and set destination type HTTP:

Enter the Sharepoint Site URL together with postfix is   /_vti_bin/cmis/rest?getRepositories

This postfix is defined by the CMIS standard.

Note: In order for Kerberos to work it is important to use the same full qualified host name that is entered as SPN for the Kerberos Service User for Sharepoint.


Select  "No Authentication"

Create Connection in SAP Mobile Documents

Open the admin page of SAP Mobile Documents:

http://<host on which AS Java is installed>:<port>/mcm/admin

Log on with a user that also exists as a Sharepoint user for the application that you want to

Go to Repositories - Connections

Create the connection with the values set below. Make sure that you use the same name as
Destination as the one you defined as destination in the previous step.

Provide parameters in the options field:


Click Save.

Go to Repositories - Corporate Content

Click Create

Select the connection you created in the previous step

Select a repository from the list of available Sharepoint entries

Provide a description

Set Document Classification

Press Save

If you can select the repository in this step, you have successfully set up the connection using Kerberos.

This was the last step of this document series.