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SAP Transportation Management

SCM Webcasts - incl. reducing transportation costs & improving customer service with SCE

SAP is running a webcast series on Supply Chain Management topics covering the following:

  • Intro Webcast: Transforming Your Supply Chain into a Demand Networks (recorded)
  • Webcast #1 - Balancing Demand Plans with Network Constraints Through Integrated Business¬† (recorded)
  • Webcast #2 - Adapting to Changing Customer Behavior and Market Variability in a Demand-Driven Supply Network (recorded)
  • Webcast #3 - Increasing Efficiency and Visibility with Warehouse Management on a Supply Chain Execution Platform (recorded)
  • Webcast #4 - Reducing Transportation Costs and Improving Customer Service on a Supply Chain Execution Platform (recorded)
  • Webcast #5 - Achieving End-to-End Supply Chain Orchestration Through an Innovative Business Network (recorded)
  • Webcast #6 - Building Supply Chain Monitoring for Improved Supply Chain Visibility (Date: 25th June 2014)
  • Webcast #7 - Managing Supply Chain Disruptions to Ensure Your Supply Chain Integrity (Date: 16th July 2014)

All webcasts are free of charge after registration. You can sign up for the next live sessions or listen on demand to the recorded sessions. For more information and registration, see the SCM Webcast overview page.

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