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Step by Step Tutorials - Get 30-day free trial of SAP HANA developer editon on CloudShare



As of July 15, 2014, the Cloudshare 30 day free trial is no longer available.

Please check out our SAP HANA Developer Edition page for other options to run the latest version of SAP HANA.


The Chinese version of this document was published on 2014.02.14. This document is a translation and the content may not be the latest.

Introduction to SAP HANA developer edition

As its name implies, SAP HANA developer edition is for developers. In contrast to SAP HANA One, SAP HANA developer edition cannot be used as commercial and productive. We can use it for development and testing. We can access SAP HANA developer edition from four SAP cloud partners as follows.

1. CloudShare

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

3. KT ucloud biz

4. SmartCloudPT

(Update: Now we can also get SAP HANA developer edition from Microsoft Azure Cloud. So there are five SAP cloud partners which provide SAP HANA developer edition.)

Another difference between SAP HANA developer edition and SAP HANA One is that for SAP HANA developer edition, you only pay cloud providers the money you use the infrastructure (the instance) hourly or monthly. But for SAP HANA One, you pay not only for using the infrastructure but for SAP HANA license as well.

In this tutorial, we will introduce the 30-day free trial of SAP HANA developer edition on CloudShare which means you can use SAP HANA developer edition on CloudShare totally free in the first 30 days. SAP will pay the money for you. After 30 days, you can continue using it and start to pay or you can just stop using it. It's up to you. Now, let's start!

Get 30-day free trial of SAP HANA developer edition on CloudShare

1. Click here and you will see the following page. If you do not have SAP Value Prototyping account or SCN account, click Register Now on the left. If you already have the account, log on and skip to step 8.

2. Fill out the following registration form, read SAP's Privacy Statement and click Register.

3. You will receive an e-mail after successful registration.

4. Log on your mailbox and activate your account.

5. The following page will appear. You can also use this account to access, SCN and so on.

6. Click Continue and see the following page. Welcome to SAP ID Service.

7. Return to step 1, use the new account to log on.

8. Redirect to the following page. This is the key step to get free SAP HANA developer edition. You will grant the free "privilege" to your CloudShare account. Before that you need to do the following:

a. Fill out Personal Data form, * is required.

b. Input the CloudShare account under Account.

c. Read EULA and accept it.

9. Step a and c are OK. For step b, we need to register a CloudShare account. Visit CloudShare

10. Click "Not registered yet?", go to the following page, fill out the form and register.

11. After registration, return to step 8, input the CloudShare account and finish step 8.

12. The following page will appear. You can find "SAP HANA 30-Day Trial SPS6 No.1" is under your environments. The state is preparing and the license expires in 29 days and 23 hours. Congratulations! You've successfully got the 30-day free trial of SAP HANA developer edition on CloudShare.


SAP HANA, developer edition

Get 30 days of free access to SAP HANA, developer edition

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