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Database Migration to SAP ASE with minimized downtime


1. Overview

The Near Zero Downtime method (NZDT) is a SAP Minimized Downtime Service (MDS) using an incremental migration approach, which has been developed to copy very large databases. Compared to the standard system copy procedure, it can reduce the technical system copy downtime significantly to few hours or even less. It is suitable for heterogeneous system copies and Unicode Conversions (or a combination of both).


2. Scenario landcape

  1. System Copy and UC preparation in PRD (host A)
  2. Start recording of transaction data and clone PRD system to host B
  3. Data from business transactions are recorded
  4. System copy and / or Unicode conversion (export / import from host B to host C (running on SAP ASE)
  5. Replay transactions from PRD to future PRD system on host C (Online Delta Replay – ODR)
  6. Ramp down (incl. user lock on production system )
  7. Finish replaying transactions (Final Delta Replay – FDR)
  8. System Copy & UC post-processing & Infrastructure changes
  9. Final business validation, sign off of new system, and GO decision
  10. Ramp up new PRD system

Note: Logic downtime is from step 6 to step 10.

3.Migration tool introduction Migration Workbench System(MWB)

  • SAP Netweaver 7.02 or higher
  • Minimum DMIS SP:  DMIS 2010 SP07 or DMIS 2011 SP02
  • Add entry to table IUUC_PRECALC_OBJ

4.Activities on source and target systems

  • The DMIS system should be installed in the source and target system.
  • Necessary notes are applied in the source and target system

5. Minimized Downtime Migration

Workcenter for MWB system is given as below. The whole migration step is process by order.

6 Conclusion

With the DMIS, the near zero downtime migratio solution is done. It reduce the downtime for the customer server.

As it developed, it will be more useful as important usecate.

For more information see on the SAP Service Marketplace. Or contact: 

• Allen Leffers,

Former Member

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