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SAP Connected Vehicle in Ra'anana


The SAP Connected Vehicle project combines SAP’s key technologies (SAP Cloud and SAP HANA platform) with customer-facing innovation and sustainability. The goal is to create a delightful experience for the driver while increasing revenues for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and partners by enabling the vehicle driver to conduct business seamlessly.

In order to understand the market needs, SAP has worked for some time with a number of partners on the digitalized future of mobility. SAP provides the
platform, SAP HANA Cloud for Automotive, which leverages in-memory technology to process and analyze massive volumes of data, potentially giving millions of motorists information about how to avoid traffic jams, where to find the nearest gas station or restaurant, and which parking garage has affordable parking spaces still available – whenever and wherever they need it.

Two groups of partners have been working with the Ra'anana lab's development team:

  • Automobile manufacturers, who, as OEMs, want to integrate the services into their vehicles and offer their customers a completely new driving experience
  • Service providers – including gas stations, electric car charging stations, retailers, and parking garages. They can use the “engines” provided by the solution to bill customers for parking and fuel or to draw a motorist’s attention to a special offer that is available at a local store

Thus, SAP acts as the central interface in a network of service providers across industries, vehicle manufacturers, and motorists who do business with each other via the SAP HANA Cloud for Automotive platform.

The uploaded videos show some real-life tests that the SAP Labs development team in Ra’anana Israel ran with our partners. Parking, fueling, and coupons are shown in the demos, and additional services are being rolled out with the service providers.

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