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SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization

EIS Documents


EIS content on SCN has grown and will now be populated in this new EIS space under Supply Chain Management.  This page provides links to the documents that have been published already in the EIS category under the SCM space and cannot be moved here for technical reasons.

    SAP Enterprise Inventory & Service-Level Optimization (formerly SmartOps) Education - Part 1 of 2

    Here you will find individual video vignettes on the building blocks of SAP EIS inventory optimization software.  Prior to that acquisition, SmartOps educational material was available through the SmartOps website. Categories are:

    • Single Stage Inventory Optimization
    • Multi Stage Inventory Optimization
    • Advanced Inventory Optimization Modules
    • Key Inventory Factors

    Mass Upload of data to EIS tables in SAP

    The SAP Connector application allows users to mass upload Item-Location (IL), Item-Location-Customer (ILC), and Vendor data into custom EIS tables in
    SAP.  This link includes files you can use to input IL and ILC data to load into SAP through the Mass Upload feature.

    Service Level Optimization - Introduction and Fundamentals

    SAP EIS Service Level Optimization (SLO) is now part of SAP EIS.  It is designed to determine the right item-location-specific service targets, minimize inventory investment and lost margin while meeting a global service objective, or while setting service level objectives based on the balance between cost-to-serve and cost of lost sales.

    EIS FAQ - Introduction - Q: What are the key features of the SAP EIS solution?

    EIS FAQ - Introduction - Q: How did SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization originate?

    These two links are part of a series of Frequently Asked Questions about the SAP Enterprise Inventory & Service-Level Optimization product.

    SAP Enterprise Inventory & Service-Level Optimization Customer Video from Celestica

    Celestica initiated a fully automated implementation across the global supply chain, including dynamic, automated integration with SAP ERP.  This video about the Celestica implementation of SAP EIS was recorded at the SmartOps FORUM in Chicago on September 2012 by Celestica.  This implementation linked two main SAP instances through coordinated use of optimized reorder points.

    SAP EIS – Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization Overview

    This document was designed as the starting point on the SAP Community Network (SCN) for information about EIS after the SAP acquisition of SmartOps in 2013. In addition to Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization software, SmartOps also had developed Enterprise Demand Sensing application and EIS Analytics. These are the links to information about these applications included here.

    • SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing Solution Brief
    • Demand Sensing in Action
    • Demand Intelligence Module Overview
    • Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization (EIS) Overview
    • SmartOps Overview

    Supercharge Demand Management through Demand Sensing

    The acquisition of SmartOps by SAP in 2013 paves the way for SAP to develop “real-time supply chain” software solutions, leveraging the SAP HANA® platform which empowers customers to run their businesses in real time — to analyze, predict, react and adjust instantly. One of those solutions is Enterprise Demand Sensing.  Here’s a link to a recorded webcast about EDS.

    SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing - 3 Minute Video Summary

    Companies need to bridge the gap between long-term demand plans and order execution. SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing developed by SmartOps but not part of EIS, can help. This powerful software helps you lower cost and effort by reducing repositioning and expediting. Reduce inventory levels thanks to accurate short-term forecasts that lower the need for safety stock.

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