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Your peers think it's all about cloud in the future - are they right?


When we polled business leaders at a recent SAP Business Innovation conference in Latin America on what they want and what they expect from cloud computing, the results (see infographic) were fascinating. The standout fact? Almost every single one of them believes cloud computing will have a major impact on their organizations. And they’re right.

Business issues are driven by consumer needs as well as available technology.  The opportunity is for companies to shed their old skins and empower themselves by adding new services, ones that are then adopted naturally by customers to get a better, more agile and more flexible service.

It’s a disruptive technology, but it’s one with serious value. McKinsey reckons cloud computing could improve productivity across $3 trillion in global enterprise IT spending, not to mention new products and services for billions of consumers and millions of businesses.

Think how many questions you solve in a week just by having Wikipedia or Google within arm’s reach, 24/7. Running software as a service, you can go a step further. In the business world, that ease and intuition means anyone in the world can be a customer or a collaborator of yours, instantly.

At SAP we walk the walk. We’re a cloud company powered by SAP Hana and it has transformed not just our offering, but the way we do business. Bundled knowledge is instantly available to be used and shared; servers and infrastructure run in the cloud, reducing cost and outlay, meaning we can analyze data and get real insights faster than ever.

For all businesses that use cloud, tools can be made faster and cheaper, constantly innovated. Instead of having suitcases filled with printouts and brochures to take on the road, your work force can have huge amounts of data at their fingertips – logistics info, warehouse stock and conditions, the most efficient route to the next appointment, collateral ordering and brand compliance guidelines …the limit isn’t in the technology, it’s in the imagination.

The net benefit is that everything runs better. One of my favorite examples is the way the cloud transformed the humble map. Now imagine that scale of innovation applied to your business, the services you use as a consumer, or the potential it offers teachers, scientists and doctors. The future is an exciting place!

Please join the debate with us at the Sapphire NOW show floor.

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