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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

SAP HANA Based Operational Reporting Released for SAP EWM


On May 19th, 2014 SAP released SAP HANA based operational reporting for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

In July 2014 and also on October 23rd 2014 SP01 and SP02 were released respectively. These two patches contain additional functionality in the area of inbound delivery monitoring. In January 2015 and April 21th 2015 SP03 and SP04 were released respectively. These new patches contain additional functionality in the area of wave picking monitoring and warehouse task execution monitoring.

SAP HANA Live for Extended Warehouse Management contains the virtual data model for executing optimized queries on a SAP HANA database. With SAP Smart Business for Extended Warehouse Management 1.0 comes a tool to visualize and personalize warehouse key performance indicators (KPIs) in a modern browser based user interface.

SAP Smart Business for extended warehouse management is an SAP Smart Business cockpit that provides you with an overview of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for a warehouse shift supervisor. It allows the warehouse shift supervisor to monitor the workload for his or her shift for outbound deliveries, to determine overdue outbound deliveries or outbound delivery items in real-time, and to monitor the average goods issue delay time.

The screenshot depicted shows an example SAP Smart Business cockpit configuration. The cockpit is browser-based and is released for desktops, laptops as well as for tablets.

Please see also the following presentation.

In order to get a first impression please see the following offline demo:

and also the demo script which describes the business context of this demo:

There is also a seperate offline demo available for the new functions provided with SP03 and SP04 , see .

In SAP Fiori apps reference library   you can find key information for each Fiori app, especially the technical data you need for installation and configuration. You find the EWM Smart Business Apps by applying a filter on application component SCM-EWM-FIO.

Technical as well as download information you find in the product availability matrix (PAM) for

  • SAP HANA Live for Extended Warehouse Management (PAM entry) and
  • SAP Smart Business¬† for Extended Warehouse Management (PAM entry).