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Understanding timeouts in Xcelsius dashboards


When Xcelsius dashboard based on web services is viewed in BI Launchpad/InfoView and is kept idle it gets timed out after 20 minutes as the idle timeout for BI Launchpad/InfoView and dswsbobje is 20 minutes.The web services used in the dashboard use the dswsbobje war file that is deployed on the application server.

There are three factors that cause the timeout condition:

1)BI Launchpad/InfoViewApp getting timed out.(default 20 minutes)
2)dswsbobje(web service) timeout.(default 20 minutes)
3)Tomcat timeout(default 30 minutes)

We can ignore the tomcat timeout since timeout for BO web applications is 20 minutes.

Below are the locations where the timeout values can be set.

1.Setting the timeout for the InfoView and the BILaunchpad

a)InfoViewApp(BO XI 3.1)

C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat55\webapps\InfoViewApp\WEB-INF\web.xml

In this web.xml the timeout can be set in the below mentioned lines.
        <session-timeout>20</session-timeout>    <!-- 20 minutes for session objects -->

b)BOE war file for BI Launchpad(BI 4.0/4.1)

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\web.xml
In this web.xml the timeout can be set in the below mentioned lines.
        <session-timeout>20</session-timeout>    <!-- 20 minutes for session objects -->

2.Dswsbobje war file

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\dswsbobje\WEB-INF\classes\

Open this file in notepad.
Search for the line qaaws.session.timeout=  and then add an extra line just below it i.e session.timeout=desired amount of time in seconds.


How to avoid the timeout conditions:

In many cases there is a requirement to create dashboards which do not need any manual intervention and which are to be displayed on LCD screens continously without any intervention.In this scenario the dashboard should not time out at all.To achieve this functionality please see below details.Here we do not need to set the timeout explicitly or make any changes on the server side.

1.)For BO XI 3.1:

Here we need to create an additional web service(qaaws,biws etc) as a dummy web service in the dashboard which is set to refresh after every 10 minutes.This will keep on pinging the server and will eventually avoid the timeout.We can view this dashboard in the InfoView without any issues and we will see that InfoView itself does not timeout though the timeout for the InfoView is still 20 minutes.

This is due to the additional web service which is refreshing after every 10 minutes which avoids the dswsbobje getting timed out.The most import thing here is that the same session is shared between InfoView and dswsbobje.

2.)For BI 4.0/4.1:

Here also we will create additional web service in the dashboard which is set to trigger after every 10 minutes and once we view the dashboard in the BI Launchpad on the contrary we observe that after 20 minutes the dashboard gets timed out and we get a error "Not a Valid Token FWB(00003)".

This is due to fact that unlike BO XI 3.1 the same session is not shared between BILaunchpad and the dswsbobje and there is a separate session for both of them.So in this case dswsbobje does not time out at all due to the dummy web service however the BI Launchpad times out after 20 minutes.This is by design behaviour and a possible workaround for this is to export the dashboard to pdf or swf and directly view this pdf or swf on the local machine.


Useful KBAs for Xcelsius timeout issues:
1917624 - How to increase session timeout for Web Service in BI 4.0 or BI 4.1
1244342 - BusinessObjects Enterprise Web Services request times out after 20 minutes.
1965367 - BI Launchpad times out, even though interaction within Dashboard is active.

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