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How to Create Personal Views on your Mobile device?

Recently discovered this new feature being introduced in world of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile.

This is a new feature called Personal views for Web Intelligence content which allows end users to personalize their report view and store it on their device for offline usage.

Significance of Personal Views

    • Customized view of the Web Intelligence Report.
    • User can save a personal view of the report. This page can be accessed daily for a quick refresh, to get just the content that is required, instead of the whole report.
    • Multiple views can be saved for offline of personalized viewing.

How to Create Personal Views

Below is a step by step procedure to create Personal Views:


Open the Web Intelligence report on your Mobile device.

Apply filters or prompt values, drills etc to arrive at your preferred view of the report.


           Once done, click on the Gear icon at the top right corner.


Now, click on Save view icon, the dialog box opens up.

Save it giving any personalized name you like.


Once saved, it will be listed under Personal Views

Highlights of Personal Views

  • Multiple personal views of the same base (source) document, and each view is independent of each other.
  • If you want to disable the refresh or update of personal views in the application, you can set the value of the following client setting as 'false'
  • feature.webi.personal.view.update.enabled  ( This value might not be present by default. You can add it under client settings in CMC>applications> SAP BusinessObjects Mobile )
  • You can save personal views of only Web Intelligence documents. Other BI document types do not support this feature.
  • Apart from Refresh and Update, no other action (request) on a personal view goes to the mobile BI server.
  • If the personal view has an OpenDocument URL that targets a BI document that is not Web Intelligence, the target document does not open it.
  • You can delete personal views from the device in one of the following ways:
  • By tapping Delete Personal View option that appears on the Information(>) pop up of the personal view tile.

You cannot save personal views for a Web Intelligence report in the following scenarios:

  • The parent document is configured as "Refresh on Open".
  • The parent document is set to Confidential on the server.
  • The parent document is a "View as PDF".
  • The <offline storage> property on the Mobile server is set to 'False'.

Limitations for Personal Views

  • If you use hierarchical input controls or hierarchical sections in a Web Intelligence report, the applicationdoes not permit you to save a personal view of the report.
  • When you email a personal view, the email body only contains the view snapshot. It does not contain any SAP BI URL for OpenDocument.
  • You cannot save a personal view of the Web Intelligence report that is invoked by a source report using
    the OpenDocument function. The application prompts you to return to the source document for saving a personal view.
  • Personal views are supported only on the following BI Platform server versions:

               SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.0, Support Package 8 and above.
               SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.1, Support Package 2 and above.

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Hope this was helpful.


Atul B

Former Member