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openSAP course guide for "Next Steps in SAP HANA Cloud Platform" (repeat)



Hi, and thanks for your interest around the openSAP course "Next Steps in SAP HANA Cloud Platform (repeat)".

This course was already provided from

The course will be repeated again starting May 27, 2015. So if you haven't done, yet, enroll today to this free online course providing you with more interesting functionality that the SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides to you.

In case you haven't looked into the introductory course "Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform" I highly recommend you to enroll to this course, too, as it provides some basics around the SAP HANA Cloud Platform which you'll find useful to understand prior starting with "Next Steps in SAP HANA Cloud Platform".

Since we last ran this course we've improved some functionality in the platform so that we want to provide you also with some updates around those improvements as wells as providing in the course some best practices from the initial course.

Week Guides

At the start of each week I'll publish a document that is related to the corresponding week of the course. Those documents will provide you with additional material or explanations around the topic of the week. Depending on the feedback and questions inside the forum of the course I might also add additional material (e.g. videos) during and after the course to address the frequently asked questions so that you have a one-stop-shop for this course.

openSAP course guide "Next Steps in SAP HANA Cloud Platform"Available (9am CET)
Week 1 - SAP HANA Native DevelopmentMay 27, 2015
Week 2 - Git and HTML5 Apps - Part 1Jun 3, 2015
Week 3 - Git and HTML5 Apps - Part 2Jun 10, 2015
Week 4 - Advanced Identity ManagementJun 17, 2015
Week 5 - Securing Web APIsJun 24, 2015
Week 6 - Advanced FeaturesJul 1, 2015

I hope you'll enjoy the course.

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