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Jam Integration Testing for Fiori Apps

Integrating SAP Jam into FIORI App allows sharing and discussing the key information with the relevant Jam group and also inviting interested colleagues to join a discussion on the issue which makes it easy to collaborate with the team.

Jam Integration has two components namely Share and Discuss.

Share :   Share component is used to share a business object with an existing Group in SAP Jam.

It provides options to add attachments and add comments about the business object.

                Share feature must be available in all archetypes  namely

          1. Analytical
          2. Factsheets
          3. Transactional

Discuss:  The discuss dialog allows users to share and discuss with colleagues in the context of the Business Object in question. Participating users do not need to be in the same SAP Jam group; however, they must have access rights to the Business Object.

                   Discuss  feature must be available only for

          1. Factsheets
          2. Transactional

This blog is intended to be a step by step guide to test the Jam integration in FIORI Apps.


1. User should have an account in Sap Jam instance. If not ,create an account using the below link

Steps to be followed to test Jam integration for Fiori Apps:

(Example: The share dialog as Tested in one of my PS Analytical App)

  1. Go to the Launchpad link and click on the tile.


2. Click on the Object dialogue button as shown below.

3. Select “Share “dialog from the list and you will get ‘Share on Sap Jam ‘Pop-up.

It has two sections namely

    • Share to Group
    • Comments

Click on Select Group & select the Group and post your comments.

There are 3 types of Groups:-

Public Groups, in which content is available to anyone in the company

Private InternalGroups, in which company users can privately
collaborate after they've been invited to the group

Private ExternalGroups, in which company users can privately
collaborate with others outside of the company after they've been invited to the group.

4. Once the share is done, we can see the status Message “Your share request is processed “at the bottom of the App.

5. Now Go the Jam URL and Key in your Username and Password.

6. Here you can see the feed update you wrote on the group wall of the App.

7.Now click on the short link to the App or the object URL.

8. It should display the details of the App.

9. For the Discuss feature click on the dialog button as shown and select “Discuss”.

10. Enter the post and click on share.


While doing testing make sure that the User credentials which you use to login to the Launchpad should have an account in the Sap Jam site.

I have listed down few common issues which you may face during the Jam test and its solutions:

  1. In the  Fiori App, when we click on the share button, we get an error  which says  “An error has occurred .Contact the
    administrator “.

Generally this type of error occurs when we do not have our account on the Sap Jam server. Go
ahead and create your account in . This should solve the problem.

2. In case of service failure follow the steps below

    • Login to your gateway system
    • Open the transaction /n/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE ( SAP Net weaver Gateway transaction
      which shows the registered services in the system
    • Check for the service ZSM_INTEGRATION_SRV and activate it ( In this transaction we check if the service is registered or not. If the service is not registered, it cannot return jam data back to the app which means Jam Integration is not working basically)

3. In the Fiori App when  you click on the share or Discuss button you may get  the following error.

Check whether the server communication has the correct JAM server URL. To do these follow the steps below

      • Login to your back end system.
      • Open transaction CLB2_PLATF.
      • Select the JAM server and verify that the Server URL contains “sapjam” instead of "cubetree”.

      • For any other issues, open a message on central component CA-UI5-BS-SM3