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Analyze Soccer with SAP Lumira and Show your Team Spirit!


World Cup Analysis Update!
7 out of 8 picks correct after the round of 16 and 3 out of 4 semi-final picks correct. View the SAP DataViz team tournament bracket analysis and predictions >


World Football Data Viz Gallery

Thanks to everyone for creating and sharing their World Cup Analysis with SAP Lumira, we've posted a collection of all the insights and analysis.


Analysis and insights from June 3, 2014

The SAP Data Viz team wanted to join the action of World Cup Football and share insights using SAP technology into which teams might make it to the finals.

SAP’s Analysis and Predictions

Using SAP Lumira and SAP Predictive Analysis, the data viz team at SAP analyzed data from all the World Cup teams to select which countries would advance in the tournament. Each selection was made based on data, removing any gut feel or country bias from the equation. 

What was the data and how was it analyzed? 

The team used public data from several websites including  The key statistics used included: goals, time of possession, participation in World Cups, and world rankings.  Each individual match-up was compared and analyzed on a team by team basis.

Here’s an example of how we analyzed the team match-ups:


Here’s another view of comparing a historical view of points and wins:

Using SAP Lumira the team was able to ask questions of the data and investigate key statistic individually or compare with other statistics to get an overall picture of each match up. Watch this short demo video:

The next step is the share the analysis and let individuals share their data story and country pride.  Visualizations can be shared to allowing others to investigate the data and come up with their own insights. Here’s a view of an interactive storyboard running on the SAP HANA Cloud, this visualization allows anyone to publically access the data and analyze team insights.

View this interactive visualization using SAP Lumira Cloud and SAP HANA and see what insights you can come up with.

*Disclaimer: this analysis and predictions are an attempt to showcase SAP technology not accurately predict sport outcomes.

Get involved, share your analysis and insights for your favorite teams!

Think you know which teams will survive and make it to the finals? Try out SAP Lumira and share your insights and predictions via SAP Lumira Cloud.

Here's how you can join in on the action:

Share your country spirit by liking the SAP Lumira page on Facebook or by tweeting your favorite team to @SAPLumira on Twitter. All likes and follows will be included in a global soccer infographic!



Are you a hardcore soccer fan and data geek? Try this:

1. Download SAP Lumira via or SAP Predictive Analysis

2. Download the SAP Lumira soccer sample data

3. Publish your visual creation to SAP Lumira Cloud (read the tutorial)

4. Share a link to your public analysis and selections via the SAP Community Network and follow @SAPLumira via twitter. See what others have created here.

5. Not sure how to participate? Read this tutorial for how to publically share visualizations. Check @SAPLumira on Twitter for details and tweet-away prizes.