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Schedule a Report in Analytics


Scheduling a report on periodic basis and send it to required user is one of the important feature in SAP ByD and C4C.

below are the steps to scheduling a report

  1. Go to Business analytic work center and select Broadcast view

2. Open a Broadcast screen there  Click on New button

3. a. : It will open New broadcast screen, enter all the required details, in the entry Object name Select your required report which you want to send as email

          here you can select multiple recipients.

3. b. In Format select “XML” and Under the Scheduling select “Periodically” , and enter the scheduling details

(there are the other format options too, which you can select as per your need, if this report will be viewed in mobile device then use HTML)

later you can edit and delete this broadcast or schedule, goto Work center view Broadcast under Action.

you can also edit broadcast and schedule by clicking edit.


Sunil Maurya

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