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SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo


The SAP Price and Margin Management application by Vendavo helps you understand your pricing power, negotiate more competitively with customer procurement departments, reduce discounting, and stop profit leakage from rogue deals. Full integration with the SAP Customer Relationship Management and SAP ERP applications lets you capture the profit opportunity from improved pricing – without extra user training or changes to your current pricing processes.

Key Features:

    • Industry-leading analytics and embedded support for best practices
    • Role-based dashboards with pre-built metrics and charts
    • Real-time insights
    • Comprehensive visualization tools
    • Multi-dimensional pricing segmentation
    • Rule-based execution

Business Benefits:

      • Add value without changing core processes by extending functionality of your other SAP software
      • Increase profit margins and improve product mix by optimizing product pricing
      • Increase deal close rates by setting target prices optimized for each customer
      • Eliminate pricing errors and reduce margin leakage by gaining greater control over pricing policies

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If you have purchased or updated one of the following license bundles from SAP, you can request software by creating OSS message or by downloading from the SAP

Refer to SAP Note
1364684 – for Vendavo Software Distribution process

Contacting Support

For product issues please create a support message under component-> XX-PART-PMM

Important Notes

1229778 – Reporting issues with SAP PMM by Vendavo

1339434 – JVM settings

1817580 – JMS synchronization issues

1477924 – Unable to access the system