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Trigger Action(Create new Instances) of PBO when OWL loads


Every time my custom OWL loads I want to query for all Standard active BYD business roles and create a new instance of my PBO for each
BYD business role.


Standard BYD Business Role Table:

Issues: An OWL only shows the instances of my PBO. You would need to edit one of the instances
to trigger my action (action- query for standard roles and create them in PBO).

Solution: Trigger the action when the OWL loads.

1. PBO: Create an Action in your PBO to query for
all BYD business roles and create an instance of your PBO.

2. UI Designer: Create an Event Handler

BO Operation

BO Operation Type: Create

Select BO Model: your PBO


Action Type: Multiple

Save After Execution: True

Select your Action in the PBO to trigger.

3. UI Designer: For the import of the OWL > change the OnFire event to your Event Handler (StdBYDroles).

Note: In your action (StdBYDroles) after you have created all of the BYD Business roles you need to delete the current instance that is
created in the Event handler. Do this at the end of your action.

To do this use: this.Delete();


When the OWL is opened, the Event handler will create a "dummy" instance and trigger my action.

In my action i will query for and create all instances in my PBO or the standard BYD business roles.

At the end of my action i will delete the "dummy" instance.

The OWL will load all of the BYD Business Roles and Save.


Thomas Prendergast