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How to display application data in My Inbox app



You can easily integrate your custom workflow scenarios to the My Inbox app in a few days.

But a challenge is displaying application data. Several solution options are available based on your project budget.

Solution Options:

OptionSolutionEffortChanges inSkills
1Customize workitem description

30 min

and more

Task customizing

No programing is required

2Generate workitem description as HTML by BADI

4 H

and more

BADIABAP programing
3Create PDF attachment

1 day

and more

Workflow background step

ABAP programing

SAP Business Workflow development

4Extend UI using UI extension points

1 week

and more

OData class


ABAP programing


UI development


1. Customize workitem description

    This is a low cost solution and approver can see enough application data in description. But most of customers don't like text description.  

    Transaction: PFTC


  Go to Description tab and edit.


  You can include container elements to workitem description.


  Container element is included as &####&.


2. Generate workitem description as HTML by BADI

    This is also low cost solution and most of customers are fine with table style html.

    How to Guide: SAP Fiori - Adding a Custom Workflow Scenario to the SAP Fiori Approve Requests in 6 Steps


    Creating a New User Exit (BAdI) - SAP NetWeaver Gateway - SAP Library


3. Create PDF attachment

    With this solution, you do not need to change anything in Fiori Approve Requests app. Approve Requests app supports attachment handling in the standard. Solution is implemented in SAP Business Workflow template side. Traditional workflow consultants can implement this easily. Please make sure SmartForm is available for the business object. This solution fits for document which has many line items like invoice approval.


   1. Create a sub object in the transaction SWO1.

   2. Set object delegation

   3. Add a method which creates PDF attachment. This is ABAP programing.


   4. Create a background task

   5. Include the background task to the workflow template

4. Extend UI using UI extension points

    This is a powerful option and you can extend OData and UI but it cost for development days/weeks.


    1. Implement class or Extend OData

        Implement Context Collectionor Extend OData by redefining methods

    2. Extend UI using UI extension points

        Please visit SAP Fiori - Extensibility

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