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Set up for Secure Storage (SSFS) to support BR*Tools



I am sharing with you the steps I made.

0.) Don't forget the use the latest version of BR*Tools, as SSFS connection method is supported as of BR*Tools 7.20 (27)!

1.) First, we have to create the SSFS directories for BR*Tools (note, this can be anywhere. In my case, it is only an Oracle installation without SAP system on it.,so I used SAPDATA_HOME a the source location.)

2.) Create BRT$ADM

3.) Change the password of BRT$ADM user

4.) Test it

After you have set up the SSFS BR*Tools database user (BRT$ADM), you can call all BR*Tools executables with the option "-u //" to connect to the database using the data that you have stored in the secure storage.

5.) Change DBACOCKPIT/DB13 settings.

You can also use the new connection method for BR*Tools calls in the CCMS transaction DBACOCKPIT/DB13. For this, you must replace the option "-u /"

manually (for example with transaction SE16) with the option "-u //" in the SAP  table SDBAC in the field PSTRING.
UPDATE: There is a script attached to SAP note 1764043, that changes the entries automatically for you. Very handy.

That's all.