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SAP Customer Relationship Management

How to turn off the automatic assignment of employee relationship to user at creation of account


Default employee assigned automatically at creation of account

Employee Responsible relationship is being assigned automatically to the user when a new account is created in the WebUI even though other backoffice personnel or other groups can create new accounts.

Steps to remove this functionality:

The function of employee responsible being assigned to the account automatically was done intentionally with the note 1251732.  In order to switch off the automatic assignment of employee relationship, follow the following steps.

1. Go to UI Component Workbench – TA: bsp_wd_cmpwb.
2. Go to component BP_HEAD.

3.  Enhance the component BP_HEAD/AccountDetails.

4. Open the context node EMPLOYEERESPONSIBLE and the Z class for which the super class is CL_BP_HEAD_ACCOUNTDETAILS_CN03.

5. Redefine the method SET_DEFAULT_OWNER_DATA and finally COMMENT the entire code in this particular method.

6.  Save and activate the class.

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