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ABAP Add-on certification queries


Where can I find more information about ABAP Add-on certification?

You can learn about ABAP Add-on certification at

How can I apply for ABAP Add-on certification?

Please fill the SAP ICC online application form to apply for the certification.

What are the basic requirements for ABAP Add-on certification?

The most important technical requirements can be found below:

- You need your own ABAP development license (could be purchased from ICC)
- You need your own registered namespace (e.g. /PROD1/)
- Modifications of SAP standard objects not allowed
- Only read-access on SAP tables
- Using the SAP Add-On Assembly Kit (AAK) to package and distribute your Add-On

What do I need in order to develop and test my ABAP Add-on interface?

Depending on your solution and development platforms, you may need several things. First of all, in order to develop ABAP, you will need to obtain an ABAP Development Workbench License (ABAP License). Once you apply for ABAP Add-on certification, an ICC representative will assess your plans to develop the add-on and put you in contact with the relevant group in SAP so that you can purchase License. With the ABAP license you will be able to install the necessary SAP system in house, and use it for development and testing purposes. One of the requirements of ABAP Add-on certification is the use of SAP ABAP Add-on Assembly Kit (AAK) for packaging your ABAP Add-on. ISVs with an existing ABAP Add-on certification contract can obtain AAK from SAP ICC with an additional fee. While developing a complete solution is possible in ABAP, in many cases, ISVs also develop external interfaces to their ABAP Add-ons. Thus based on your development environment you may also need to use one of the SAP connectors to communicate with your ABAP Add-on as well as other SAP APIs. Currently, SAP provides RFC SDK library and connectors that allows C, C++, Java, .NET and SOAP based communication. You may however, need to access SAP's service market place in order to obtain these middleware tools.

What kind of support can I expect from SAP ICC while implementing and certifying my ABAP Add-on interface?

From ICC, you can receive help with ABAP Add-On certification process and usage of AAK.

Where can I download the test plan for ABAP Add-on certification?

The test plan will be sent by consultant after signing the certification contract for the ABAP Add-n certification.

Is AAK available only as part of the ABAP Add-on certification?

Yes, AAK is available only as part of ABAP Add-On Deployment certification.

Is it possible to get AAK without applying for ABAP Add-on certification?


Where can I get namespace for development?

You can register a namespace in SAP via the SAP Service Marketplace - The process of registering a namespace from SAP is described in the AAK document.

What is the cost of ABAP service pack?

IntervalABAP Service Package Subscription (for Vendors in the Americas and Japan/for all others) ABAP Add-on Assembly Kit (for Vendors in the Americas and Japan/for all others) ABAP add-on Deployment Certification (for Vendors in the Americas and Japan/for all others)
1st year15,000 Euro per yearFree of charge as part of ABAP Service package1st certification in a year is free of charge as part of ABAP Service Package; 2nd and more certification 10.000 Euro
2nd and more year10,000 Euro per yearUpdates free of charge as part of ABAP Service package1st certification in a year is free of charge as part of ABAP Service Package; 2nd and more certification 10,000 Euro

Note: Euro currency is applicable to all countries.

Why service package with yearly fee?

Following are the benefits of paying the yearly fees for service package:-

  • Free AAK updates. The service package contains new releases and support, maintenance etc. of the AAK.
  • A dedicated consultant for SAP-integration related questions throughout the year.
  • Certification / re-certification service at the value of 10,000 Euro – including Suite on HANA. The free certification included each year can be used for new versions of your add-on or other products which is truly a good benefit to look for.

What are the various features of AAK?

Below are the some of the features of AAK:

  • Performs syntax checks during packaging and thus allows to deliver an error free package
  • Modifications to core development objects are checked automatically the AAK
  • AAK guarantees easy installation of the add-on
  • Import the add-on into the customers SAP system with transaction SAINT
  • Import Upgrades and Support Packages easily with standard SAP transactions SAINT and SPAM
  • Import possible without access at operating system level
  • Automatic check if the customers SAP system fits with the requirements of your add-on