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SAP Visual Business

ABAP Development with Visual Business


UI AddOn 1.0 for NW 7.00 / NW 7.40

In Visual Business 2.1. the API resides in the UI Extension AddOn 1.0 for NW 7.00 SP05 or higher.
This AddOn in also part of the NW 7.40 SP04 or higher.

The API version provides:

  • Spots, Arrows, Areas, Circles, Boxes, Collada objects, and Pie Charts on a GeoMap
  • Boxes and Collada objects in plain 3D scenes
  • Full SAPGUI support from NW 7.00 onwards
  • WDA integration with NW 7.02 SP08
  • Native FPM integration with NW 7.40 SP04

The UI AddOn implementation requires Visual Business 2.1 client control or higher installed on the frontend, see here for details of the installation.

Older Versions

In older version a couple of WD components were defined: 

Development of these components is not continued. Please don't use them for new projects.

Embedding in a native Web Dynpro application

For using the GeoMap component in a native WD environment you need to create a component usage for the component VBI_WD_VISUAL_BUSINESS. You can trigger the component either via the inbound plugs of the interface view or via the methods of the component interface IWCI_VBI_WD_VISUAL_BUSINESS. You can

  • send data to the map via UPDATE_MAP_SCENE,
  • trigger map events via SCENE_EVENT, and
  • open a detail window with PUSH_DETAILS.

All data is send to the map via three internal tables for position based, line, and polygone objects. As a minimum you need to provide per entry:

  • an ID of type VBI_OBJECT_ID, and
  • one or more positions of type VBI_S_OBJ_GEOPOS, in geo-coordinates (latitude, longitude, elevation).

Coordinate Format

The geo-coordinates are not expected in floating point format, but as VBI_GEO_COORDINATE, which is a DEC9 with 6 decimals. This prevents presition loss when calculating with coordinates.

The interactive GeoMap component VBI_WD_VISUAL_BUSINESS will also fire several events via the component controller to allow the reaction on requests from the frontend.

Component enhancement

In some cases you want no dependency between the surrounding application and the GeoMap component. Thus you do not want to trigger inboung plugs, call component methods, or exchange events with the component. On the other hand the component is generic, needs external data and some reaction on events.
The solution to this conflict is a component enhancement, which is supported by component VBI_WD_VISUAL_BUSINESS. Via component configuration you can replace the default implementation of the application class, the service provider, and the control adapter by enhanced versions. This concept allows you to enhance the component that it

  • fetches data for the map,
  • handles events,
  • redefines visualizations (pins, icons, colors).

Such an enhancement allows also a UI technology independent implementation of visual business applications. The application specific application, service provider, and control adapter classes can used without changes in other UI embedding of visual business, such as in SAPGUI.

Embedding in a FPM application

With NetWeaver 7.40 SP04 Visual Business is available as a standard GUIBB within FPM. Please see the FPM documentation for further details.

Usage in SAPGUI

There are two possible ways to use the Visual Business control in SAPGUI. You can embedd directly the GUI control CL_GUI_VISUAL_BUSINESS or you use the function modules of function group VBI_REUSE, which run the control in a popup. You can find examples for the usage in the programs VBI_GUI_SAMPLE1, VBI_GUI_SAMPLE2, and VBI_TEST_POPUPS. 


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To define a map to the application and the GeoMap component please take a look at

Configuring or changing a map provider in SAP Visual Business

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