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SAP Content Server 6.50


Installation Updates:

New SAP Content Server 6.50 installations:

SAP Content Server 6.50 is shipped with Netweaver DVD and installation guides are available in the SMP. The installation procedure is similar to Content Server(CS) S 6.40.

SAP Content Server 6.50 can be downloaded from SWDC:

  • Support Packages and Patches
  • Software Downloads
  • tab Installation & Upgrades
  • expand By Alphabetical Index (A-Z)
  • C
  • Find SAP Content Server in the list
  • SAP Content Server 650
  • Installation
  • Download the SAP Content Server Presentation and the MaxDB version for your platform

For more information about Content Server, visit our main page.

Existing SAP Content Server 6.40 Customers:

This is a simple build Update. Please follow the note 514500 and update the content server dlls/.so from 6.40 to 6.50.

New Features available in SAP Content Server 6.50:

  • Upload/Download of files greater than 2GB in UNIX SAP Content Server:

The existing upload scenario has a limitation on the size of the file. Maximum allowed is 2GB.

Figure: Current Upload Scenario implementation

This limitation is due to the factors:

    1. Apache 2.0 or lower versions do not support greater than 2 GB upload. Adapting to Apache 2.2 is required.
    2. Data types for containing the file size and the content of the file are of smaller size.
    3. MAXDB columns are restricted to save data more than 2GB.

Unix SAP Content Server 6.50 now has these limitations removed. We have used the split and store method to store data more than 2GB in multiple rows. So Unix sap content server has two more additional columns naming “DB_INDEX” and “SUCCESSOR” which is mainly intended for 2GB usage. Now with Unix SAP Content Server you can deal with files of size upto 30GB.

Please refer to the note 1705940 and 1983930 for more details.

  • SSF Integration in SAP Content Server 6.50 for MAXDB Credential storage:

Figure:Upload/Download Scenario in SAP Content Server with MaxDB

    • SAP Content Server connects to MaxDB via the SAPDbUser and SAPDb Password to store the document in the database.
    • For Authentication reasons, Customer does not want to use the default username and password to connect to the database.
    • So, Customer uses the Report RSCMSPWS to store the database user and database password in the Content Server Repository(CSADMIN).
    • The MaxDB username and password(In the encrypted form) is available in the configuration file. So it is visible to anybody who is in the same network as that of the Customer.

In SAP Content Server 6.50, these credentials are saved in the SSF DAT format and is no longer visible at the configuration file.

Please refer to the note 1983930 for details about the settings required to achieve the same.

  • AdminSecurity Feature in Unix SAP Content Server 6.50:

SAP Content server 6.40 Admin security fails with shadow passwords enabled in the UNIX OS.

This issue has been fixed in SAP Content Server 6.50.

As a prerequisite to use AdminSecurity in Unix SAP Content server, SAP Hostagent installation is required. Please refer to the note 1983930 for more details.

  • Support of new OS platforms and MAXDB 7.9 with SAP Content server 6.50.