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SAP Content Server


General Architecture

Knowledge Provider is a component of SAP Web Application Server and provides the general infrastructure for storing and administrating documents. The Content Server and the Cache Server are server components that interact with the Knowledge Provider.

SAP Content Server

The SAP Content Server is a stand-alone component in which a large quantity of electronic documents of any format and with any content can be stored.

The documents can be saved either in one or more MaxDB instances or in the file system.

Applications can access Content Server for uploading/downloading documents via Knowledge Provider APIs or directly by providing HTTP URLs

SAP Cache Server

The SAP Cache Server serves the following purposes:

• To provide a seamless and transparent caching facility for existing Content Server landscapes

• To drastically reduce client response times

• To ensure that caching requires as little administration work as possible

Cache servers are used in distributed environments to store documents at a location close to the relevant client, and thus to allow faster access to document content. To do this, the Cache Server creates and stores “working copies” of documents from the Content Server. This also reduces network load, as no remote content server has to be accessed when a client requests read access to a document. Cache servers are similar to content servers. However, with cache servers, little administrative input is required, and access protection is maintained. The central document management functions in the SAP System make sure that out-of-date document versions that are still in the cache are no longer accessed and are eventually deleted.

If the client and the Content Server have the same location, the documents do not (usually) need to be cached. In these cases, the requested URL is sent directly to the Content Server and the content is obtained directly from the Content Server.

The current version of SAP Content Server is 6.40 which will be phased out. The new version of SAP Content Server is 6.50 and this will be made available from May 2014.

Please find more information regarding SAP Content Server 6.50 here.