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Working with Compliance Declaration (Supplier Role)


As a supplier you register on SAP Product Stewardship Network based on an invitation from one of your customers. After registering on the system, you need to ensure that you are connected to your customer – a connection is necessary in order to exchange compliance data on the network.

Next, your customer sends you a declaration request for products you deliver. Review the declaration request to find out for which products your customer is asking you to provide a compliance statement. For products that contain declarable substances you need to create a declaration on SAP Product Stewardship Network. All other products can be confirmed in bulk with nothing to declare. You can reuse declarations you have published for answering requests from other customers later, so you only need to go to the effort of creating product declarations once.

To learn about the details of each step, please read the instructions below

Register on SAP Product Stewardship Network

You should have received an invitation email from your customer. The invitation email contains a unique registration link specific to your company and makes the registration process easier for you. Open the registration link. Should you be unable to find the email, please go ahead and register using this link

You will be asked to provide a valid e-mail address, user name, first name, and last name. Please note that SAP Product Stewardship Network allows only one registration per company. Therefore, please make sure that the person responsible for product compliance in your company is the one who registers.

After submitting your data, you will receive an activation email. Open the activation link in this email and you will be prompted to set a password. If you already have an SAP user account, for example on SCN or SAP Service Marketplace (SMP), you may not be prompted to set a password. In this case, your SCN or SMP password is also valid for SAP Product Stewardship Network.

Once you have set your password, you may be prompted to choose the scenario for which you want to register. If so, please choose Compliance Declaration.

Next, fill in your company profile

  • Your company profile will be visible for other companies on the network
  • You can edit your company data at any time after registration
  • Providing profile details will help business partners find you on the network

Connect to your Business Partners

The connection between two companies on the network is the prerequisite for requesting and providing compliance information. It resembles a handshake where the customer and supplier agree to exchange data on SAP Product Stewardship Network.

Make sure you are connected to your customer:

  1. To find your customer, navigate to the Network tab and then choose All Companies. Here you can search for your customer by using the search field on the left side
  2. Now you can check the connection status, which is displayed on the right side
  3. If the status is Connected as Customer, you are connected. If not, then you can send a connection request by choosing the Actions button and then Add as Customer. When your customer confirms your request, you are connected

Review Declaration Requests

Once you are connected with your customer on SAP Product Stewardship Network, your customer will likely send you a declaration request for the products you deliver. To find out for which products your customer is asking you to provide a compliance statement, open the declaration request:

  • Go to the Work with Customers work center and then to the Product Requests view. Here you will find all product requests that your customers have sent to you
  • Click on the declaration request to open it. Read the message that your customer has sent to you and familiarize yourself with the applicable regulations. If you believe the request was sent to you in error, choose the “Decline” and provide an explanation to your customer
  • Otherwise go to the Requested Products tab to provide substance information – here you will find the list of products for which you are asked to provide a declaration

In this example, the supplier is asked to provide declarations for 5 products: Amongst the requested products are a mainboard with the product ID 541224, a resistor with the ID 56154, and a console with ID 6254. The IDs you see here are the IDs used for these products by your customer (=Customer Part Number).

Note that you can download a Progress Report in CSV format (Excel) – the progress report contains a list of all requests you have received from your customers including all products. To access the progress report, close the request, go to the Work with Customers work center and open the Product Request view, and then choose the Download Progress Report button.

Create Declarations and Answer Requests

You are asked to provide a compliance status for each of the products listed in a request. You need to create declarations for products with regulated substances. All other products can be confirmed in bulk with the Nothing to Declare button. The product request will be set to "Completed" once all products are given with a compliance status and no more products remain unprocessed.

Typically, less than 10% of all products contain declarable substances. We suggest that you first work through the small subset of products with declarable substances and create declarations for these products. To do so, browse through the list of requested products or use the search field on the left side of the screen under Filter to search for product names or IDs. Choose the Respond With... menu button to add a declaration for these products. When you are finished, you can mass process the remaining unprocessed products that have nothing to declare by choosing Nothing to Declare -> All Unprocessed Products. Each step is described in more detail below.

Nothing to Declare

Set the status to Nothing to Declare for all products that do not contain any regulated substances under the EU REACH SVHC and EU RoHS regulations. You can respond with Nothing to Declare for individual products in the request or use the following features to mass process products without regulated substances:

  • To respond with Nothing to Declare for all unprocessed products contained in the request, choose Nothing to Declare -> All Unprocessed Products (products for which you have not yet set a declaration status)
  • To respond with Nothing to Declare for only selected products, select the checkboxes for these products, and choose Nothing to Declare -> Selected Products

Create a New Declaration

To create a new declaration for a product, choose Respond With -> New Declaration and fill in the requested information:

The customer part number (CPN) is the ID that your customer uses to identify the product. The product ID is the ID that your company uses to identify the product in your in-house system. Entering the correct product ID and product name helps you later  when you enter and update substance information on SAP Product Stewardship Network. After you have entered the product and substance information for the applicable regulations, you are prompted to confirm that the information is correct. Once you have confirmed, the declaration is visible for your customer and the status of the product is set to "Declaration Attached".

Use an Existing Declaration

To reuse a declaration you have created on SAP Product Stewardship Network in the past, choose Respond With -> Existing Declaration. Next, search for the declaration you want to use, select the checkbox for that declaration, and choose the Attach button at the bottom of the screen.

You can review all declarations you have created on SAP Product Stewardship Network under Work with Customers -> Product Declarations.

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