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Developing SAP Visual Business Applications



SAP Visual Business is a framework to build graphical applications – 2D /3D or geographical based.
It is integrated in almost all SAP standard UI technologies. Rendering graphics has to be done on the client if you don’t want to lose performance.
Visual Business offers different client runtime modules:

  1. A UI5 runtime module running platform and device independent and
  2. An ActiveX runtime module for the Microsoft Windows platform.

In the future it is possible to extend this by additional technologies.
All different runtime modules have the same API.
In the backend only the configuration and personalization information is stored.

The client gets the map data directly from the provider. Geo-services are provided by the backend to have a UI independent access for the applications.

ABAP Development with Visual Business

To easily develop graphical components and applications in ABAP, the SAP Visual Business interface consists of tables that are filled by the application developer. There is a table for point objects in which the objects’ properties can be set in columns such as ID, position, icon, tool tip text, and detail window data.

The table entries are then automatically pulled into SAP Visual Business; a user interaction on that object triggers an event to the ABAP application.

UI5 Development with Visual Business

For direct client development a json interface is provided by SAP Visual Business.
The json consists of several sections defining the data, the visualization, and the interactions among others.

The json can be used in a UI5 context to use the Visual Business Ui5 control or on Windows platforms using the ActiveX.

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