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Work Around: Limiting the Business Partners in the "Search" functionality in CRM UI


Use Case - This document aims to provide a workaround to reduce the Search results or introduce a "Search Term" based Search option while looking for "Business/Process Roles" in CHARM.

You may be working on SMCG, SMAD, SMHF, SMMJ or SMIN transaction types and are looking to find a Process role like "Tester", "Developer", "Change Manager", "Change Advisory Board" etc.

These "Search" will bring up all the Business Partners that are created in the system.

You want to limit the Search results and identify quickly which Business Partners have been given specialized Authorizations to execute the tasks that are allowed for Tester, Developer, Change Manager etc.

This can be achieved using a Workaround by saving the effort required for a "Development" by introducing a simple "Search Term".

Eg. You are trying to create an Urgent Change and are searching for "Developer"

You can define the Business Partner with a Search Term (2 terms are allowed in 1/2 as seen in screenshot) as "Developer", "Tester".

Now when you go to the Search functionality in Urgent Change by clicking F4, you will be able to use the "Search Criteria" as "Search Term" and look for DEVELOPER or TESTER and find the result quickly.

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