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SAP CEI ADT - How to open the ADT default segmentation profile with a defined attribute


Since this question was raised by a consultant and the answer is not obvious I thought it may worth this post.


In the sample below, the active attribute/ preview when opening the segmentation profile is "State". How can this be changed/ influenced?


The user role menu customizing (TA LPD_CUST) is used to customize the application navigation bar and it’s entries.

In this transaction one can define a parameter SEL_ATTRIB which controls the displayed default parameter when opening the default segmentation profile.


It can only be defined once in the application and in case in your system you've set up multiple segmentation profiles it'll only work for the profiles that contain the very same parameter. In case you want to have different parameters for different users/ segmentation profiles you'd have to define different user roles with different LPD_CUST set up.

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