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Deploying your extension jar file

Assume you are using the out of the box installation here are the steps to deploy your extension jar file.

  1. Stop Tomcat. This step must be done first otherwise your extension will not be seen.
  2. Copy your extension jar file to the following folders:
    • <SAP BusinessObjects INSTALL DIR>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\warfiles\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins
    • <Tomcat Install DIR>\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins
    • <Tomcat Install DIR>\work\Catalina\localhost\BOE\eclipse\plugins.
  3. Restart Tomcat.

By default your deployed extension is disabled. To enable it you must log on the CMC as an Administrator.

Important: don’t use the default CMC URL http://localhost:8080/BOE/CMC but use the CMC URL like http://<server name>:8080/BOE/CMC in order to allow the extension working properly with WebIntelligence Rich Client Application.

Select a Group of users and right click. Select "Customization" menu item. When the Customization dialog is displayed select the "Extensions" tab. Your deployed extension must be visible and grayed. You just have to check to enable it.


If you don’t see your extension in "Extensions" tab then it means your extension jar was not correctly deployed. Edit sbInitLog.txt file located in <Tomcat Install DIR>\work\Catalina\localhost\BOE folder and search for your extension name. If you find the extension then its status must be RESOLVED.  If the status is INSTALLED then something is wrong with the information you set in the MANIFEST.MF file. Click "Save and Close" to save your the customization configuration.

Important: each time you modify the MANIFEST.MF file of your extension you must update the customization configuration in the CMC.

If your extension is visible in "Extensions" tab but its title and description are equal to "undefined" it means the WebIntelligence Application is not able to read the extension properties. The method that implements IExtension.getExtensionProperties(…) does not return the properties or the java class that implements the IExtension interface is compiled with a java version higher than 1.6.

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