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Customizing Mobile Apps running on Agentry
Mobile Apps for Agentry - Building your own

Two excellent How-to Guides: Build an Agentry based mobile app from scratch, connecting to an SAP back-end.

Both Guides were developed along with the SMP 2.3 Developer Workshop Series that we ran last summer:

  • Part 1
    This How-to guide will show you step by step how to create a very simple mobile app based on Agentry, which will retrieve flight information from an SAP ERP back-end and display it on the mobile device or Agentry test environment.
    This guide walks you through the installation of the needed components, creation of the Agentry application and the necessary steps needed to perform in the SAP back-end system as well.
  • Part 2
    The How-to guide is adding more complexity to the previously built Agentry based mobile app, walking you through transactions, data tables, complex table and how to deploy the mobile app on the SAP Mobile Platform 2.3.

And more great guides:

  • Configuration Practices for Agentry Based Mobile Apps
    This document suggests naming conventions for objects created in the Agentry Editor. Application developers are strongly encouraged to follow these conventions to optimize program maintainability, design assistance and cross-app consistency. Agentry 5.x & 6.x
  • Design Approach for Agentry SAP Projects
    This document provides an overview of the approach to design Agentry Objects, complex tables and cata tables while designing Mobile application. Agentry 6.x.
  • Setup Mobile Application Development Environment
    This document provides step-by-step instructions to create your own mobile app based on SAP Work Manager 5.x. This allows you to develop and configure app in your own workspace

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