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SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 - Register and Configure your Agentry Apps

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 introduces a new level of integration of Agentry Apps.

This short video shows you how to register and configure your Agentry App with the SMP 3.0 Admin Console.

Learn more about SMP 3.0.


Performance Testing & Tuning

Two guides are dedicated to performance testing and tuning of Agentry and SAP Mobile Platform Metadata based applications.
The guides were developed primarily with Agentry 6.0 and are assumed to be applicable to Agentry and Metadata components in SMP 2.3 and 3.0.

  • Performance Testing
    Guidelines on how to execute performance testing on an Agentry application. It covers the load test tool and the different kinds of performance and load tests that may need to be performed and their uses.
  • Performance Tuning
    Guidelines on improving Agentry application performance. It lists various challenging scenarios and provides suggestions on how to alleviate them. This is followed by a list of tips for improving application performance.

Former Member has also published a blog 'Improving Agentry Editor stability and responsiveness' on this topic, addressing situations in which the Agentry Editor takes a longer than expected time to respond.

Troubleshooting Agentry

Agentry technology has made its way into the SAP Mobile Platform, and we have covered Agentry Troubleshooting topics extensively in the SMP 2.3 webinar series. To be consistent with our product roadmap, we placed the Agentry Troubleshooting as part of the SMP 2.3 onTopic page. You'll find links, recordings and much more!

More Reads

  • Former Member explains in detail the Angel based Agentry Network Landscapes (applicable to standalone Agentry 4.4.2 through 6.0 and SMP 2.3)

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