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'Gateway as a Service' is now 'HCI OData Provisioning'


The Gateway team is working hard to bring OData Services to the end-users where ever they are:

  • in ABAP-centric scenarios via the ABAP-based SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • in mobile scenarios via the Integration Gateway which is part of the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0
  • in cloud-centric scenarios via 'Gateway as a Service'

In addition other efforts are supporting SAP's OData Strategy:

  • Data Access with OData in SAP HANA XS
  • Apache Olingo
  • OData as an OASIS standard

In order to strengthen and harmonize the cloud-based integration solutions 'SAP HANA Cloud Integration' and 'Gateway as a Service' we plan to bring these two offerings closer together. The first step of this activity is only a small one - we aligned the naming.

What does this mean? 'Gateway as a Service' is now called 'HCI OData Provisioning'. In addition we added support for the latest version of the SAP HANA Cloud Connector and some minor corrections.

As we are thinking of a closer integration between the two offerings and we cannot gurantee an effortless migration we are currently offering 'HCI OData Provisioning' as a trial edition only.

So what does all this mean to you?

  • Cloud-based integration plays a very important role
  • You can continue developing and testing on the SAP HANA Cloud with 'HCI OData Provisioning' as you did with 'Gateway as a Service'
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway's backend connectivity (IW_BEP) will continue to be the central connecting point to the ABAP-based SAP Business Suite
  • Stay tuned for further updates on 'SAP HANA Cloud Integration'

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