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SAP Cloud Applications Studio

How-To Collection for SAP Cloud Applications Studio


This document should summarize the various how-to's which were created by this amazing comunity. We standardizes a few tags and once you add this tag to your selfwritten how-to it will be part of this collection.

The idea came up because for people that join this later it is hard to find older tutorials. I myself bookmark everything that I might need later but people that are new need to use the search but sometimes you just want to browse content of a specific area and that is the place where this document might become handy at some point in time.

This will only work if you, the community, participates and add those tags! Let's see if we can make it together! I created a blog post on how to add a tag to your existing content most easiely: Community collaboration: We need your help! Creating a How-To Compilation :)

I defined some topics and the tags, please add comments and suggestions how we can make it better and I can maybe add new categories.


TopicTag + Link
Solution for Use-Casecloudstudio_howto_usecase
UI (User Interface) / UI Designercloudstudio_howto_ui
Coding (ABSL, BODL)cloudstudio_howto_coding


Solution for Use-Case

This area should cover how-to's that are not linked to any direct topic but cover various topics and describe a solution for a specific or maybe even common use-case.


This area should cover everything that is connected to the extension of standard content. Examples are: Extension Business Objects (XBO), Process Extension Scenarios, enhancements of existing content like standard UI's, standard datasources, standard searches and so on.

UI (User Interface)

This area should cover everything that covers UI modification, basically everything that is done with the UI Designer. UI creation, UI fine-tuning, thing-based UI's, Object based UI's, embedded components, Object Value Selectors (OVS) and so on.


This area should cover everything that is integration related. This includes providing web service interfaces on the SAP cloud, consuming external interfaces, usage of the existing standard interfaces, id mapping, xml input, REST, SOAP and so on.

Coding (ABSL / BODL)

This area should cover everything that is related to the actual coding done in the Studio. This focus more on syntax and on specific examples that maybe help other developers to get their coding done.


This area should cover everything that is related to analytics. Analytics is more key user driven and less Studio driven but in some cases you want to create your own datasources and maybe pullt created joins, keyfigures or reports into your solution.


Everything that you could not fit in the above areas. If you are missing a topic and think it is worth having a own tag / headline. Please post a comment.