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Performance Improvement of Data Deletion Activity in SAP TDMS 4.0


Current Situation:

Data deletion functionality available in TDMS 4.0 has following very interesting features:

  • Deletion of multiple clients (not only single) at the same time as per data distribution across various clients.
  • It deletes data of client(s) in consistent way without impacting user data and number range data.

In TDMS 3.0 and TDMS 4.0 (early SP’s), multiple programs were getting generated in each and every package which was leading to high runtime for creation and deletion of multiple programs. This has been improved by so called generic data deletion solution. It is not at all generating any program but using generic standard program to handle all participating tables.

In order to verify if generic deletion solution is active for your package in your system, you can check existence of activity “Generation of Data Deletion Programs in the Receiver System”. It should not exist. One more point which you can check that is technical name of activity “Data Deletion Start in the Receiver System”, it should be TD09X_START_DELETION rather than TD09P_START_JOBS.

We can still improve performance of generic data deletion solution by activating “New Standard Data Deletion” solution.

New Standard Data Deletion Solution:

The following improvements have been done in generic data deletion solution:

  • Multiple jobs can run in parallel for activity ‘Identification of Client-Specific Tables for Deletion’ to reduce runtime.
  • Views would be created only once for any table in given landscape. These views would be reused in future packages in same landscape if neither table structure nor view is changed in mean time.
  • Only given number of jobs would be scheduled in receiver system for data deletion irrespective of number tables to be deleted. It would reduce workload on batch job scheduler.
  • You can stop running deletion solution smoothly just by one click.
  • Multiple numbers of parallel deletion processes can be started for any table as per size of particular table.
  • New deletion technique has been created to handle small tables. Small tables are those tables which are having data less than or equal to given threshold value.
  • RFC calls in between various involved systems like control and receiver system in case of deletion can be drastically reduce to improve runtime.

Availability of New Standard Data Deletion Solution:

New Standard Data Deletion solution is available from SP05 of DMIS 2011. As it is not a default solution so you need to activate in your package yourself using enablement report. If your SAP system is on SP05 of DMIS 2011, you need to copy enablement report into your control system available as an attachment in OSS note 1908591.

Prerequisite for New Standard Data Deletion Solution

  • The Support package of DMIS and DMIS_CNT software components installed should be SP05 and above.
  • List of OSS notes to be implemented are as follows:

OSS Notes



Applied in control and receiver systems








  • Generic deletion should be enabled for the package. You can verify the same by following steps given above.
  • Database statistics of the receiver system should be recent otherwise update the DB stats.

Enabling the new standard deletion solution for the TDMS package:-

As it is not a default solution so you need to enable in your package yourself using enablement report. In order to enable New Standard Data Deletion solution for any TDMS process type (including package “Client Deletion for SAP ERP”) after loading package in migration client of control system.

  •    1. Execute the report provided (in oss note 1908591) in the control system as soon as you create a TDMS package.
  •    2. Provide values to the parameters as mentioned in oss note and execute or press F8 key

Special NOTE:

Once you have enabled the new deletion solution for one particular package using above given report, loading of any other package of any type in same control system can impact your earlier package where you have enabled new Standard Deletion solution

Thus, do not create any new package of any type in the same control system until data deletion has got completed successfully OR execute above given report  with same values as provided in above stated oss note 1908591 every time for particular package (where you like to enable new deletion solution) before starting any of following activity of same package:

How to Monitor Progress of Data Deletion?

While data deletion activity is running, you can check progress using below option.

Open your package and press refresh button, you can see truck icon against deletion activity. You can check progress by clicking on sub-activity task. It will give insight of progress in terms of number of jobs running.