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July 2015


Monthly SAP Lumira

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What's New Data Viz Experts Unite! DataGenius Challenge for Autism Insight

Calling all data visualization experts! SAP’s data visualization team is teaming up with the Els for Autism Foundation and Autism Speaks to help uncover data-driven insights to support research and analysis for autism spectrum disorder. Every entry receives a free, limited-edition DataGenius t-shirt while supplies last. Enter the challenge today.

SAP and Esri Join Forces at #EsriUC 2015 with SAP Lumira and ArcGIS

Since 2013, when SAP entered into a partnership with Esri, our business intelligence (BI) solutions have offered innovations for geospatial analysis. Together with our technology partners for geospatial solutions (including Galigeo, Critigen, and Centigon), we're delivering many geospatial analytics solutions that provide geo-based valued insights to many organizations. See examples and try it yourself.

Auto-Update Changes in SAP Lumira 1.27

With the release of SAP Lumira 1.27, SAP is moving its auto-update infrastructure to the new SAP Store. Customers that use the SAP Lumira auto-update feature will notice that the auto-update workflow has changed. IT departments that manage their own updates and customers that get their updates from SAP Service Marketplace are not affected by this change. Read more about this update.


  • How to Visualize and Share Data-Driven Stories with Your Teams in 10 Minutes
    This short demo shows how easy it is to download and install a server version of SAP Lumira so that you can extend the power of agile visualization with your teams. In just 10 minutes you can be up and running on your own personal laptop without the need for any expensive hardware or additional technical support.
  • End-to-End Use Cases in SAP Lumira
    Check out this sales team management sample use case that highlights trends in opportunities, leads, and deals to identify areas a sales organization needs to focus on to be more effective.
  • Download Data from an SAP Business Warehouse Query
    SAP Lumira supports the ability to download data from an existing SAP Business Warehouse query to act as the dataset for our visualizations and stories. In this example, we will install the associated extension, acquire data from an SAP BW query, and then enhance and visualize the data.


How Big Data Is Changing Marketing Analytics
The collection of vast amounts of data is helping marketers understand consumer behavior on an entirely different level. With that information, they can assess and identify key findings about their customers and target them better. As a result, they can make more-informed decisions about future marketing campaigns, allowing them to be more effective. However, many marketers across various companies and industries share concerns on how to increase customer engagement and how to increase revenue growth. This is where Big Data analytics comes into play.

A World Bank Data Extension for SAP Lumira
DataGenius Marcin Jezienicki has created a custom extension for SAP Lumira to analyze World Bank data. Check out his entry and video here.

SAP Lumira Data Viz: Where Are All the Limes?

With the use of SAP Lumira, Jane Fu is able to predict the price of limes during a specific time period and forecast a trend in production.



  • July 29: Build Extensions with Version 2 of SAP Lumira Data Access Extension SDK
  • Aug 4: Getting Started – Let Your Data Tell the Story



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