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SAP Industry PhD Scholar Program – The Best of Two Worlds

There are many reasons to do a doctorate. For those having Singapore Universities in mind for PhD studies, here is one more good reason to add. SAP Research & Innovation is in partnership with the National Research Foundation of Singapore to offer the SAP PhD Scholar Program to outstanding individuals in computer science or related field, with an opportunity working at the forefront technologies with SAP Asia.

Benefits to selected candidates

The program is to provide the best of the academia and the industry world:  a full time employment contract with a world leading company, and a PhD candidacy in top ranked universities of Asia.

The selected candidates will work alongside researchers of the SAP Research & Innovation Singapore division in a vibrant environment to engage in innovative work. Candidates will go through all necessary academic milestones. Upon successful completion, the candidate will be conferred a PhD degree by the enrolled university, at the same time bagging four years of solid working experience of software development.

Dynamic research scope

The selected PhD scholars will have the chance to be involved in one or more real life projects. Their work will support the overall theme of big data intelligence in various verticals including but not limit to transportation, retail, logistics, health care and education.

Strong Partnership in Singapore

So far this program has reached to two prestigious local universities: The Nanyang Technological University, and The National University of Singapore, Both are comprehensive universities with high academic rankings in the world, Discussion of the Master Agreement with another two universities: the Singapore Management University, and the Singapore University of Technology and Design, is also approaching the final stage.

Success Story

Dr Falk Brauer, R&D manager of SAP Research & Innovation Singapore, who himself is a fine product of SAP Industry PhD Program, has kindly shared his own experience with us.

Q: What did you gain from SAP PhD program?

A: Joining the SAP PhD program allows you to work on practical problems that are exciting, novel and relevant at the same time. A PhD as such is a personal challenge in which you can proof that you can deeply dive into a certain problem and at the same time delivering something to the world which is truly beyond state-of-art and has the potential to improve the live or work of people around the world. In the context of SAP you have also possibility to translate this research into actual real-world software. Since you work in a multi-functional team there is also the opportunity to learn a lot about software development, business and team work. On the other hand, being embedded in a multi-national company you have the opportunity to interact and work with SAP colleagues around the world, which includes not only engineers, but also colleagues from sales, business development or solution management. 

Q: How did it help you with your career path?

A: Doing a PhD with SAP is fully qualified industry experience. Not only that you have proven that you can dive deep into a certain area, which is a booster for your career as such, you learn about many other aspects and also have the opportunity to get a series of achievements besides the actual PhD title. This includes successful translation of ideas into software, get an understanding of business requirements and learn how to work with customers, which are usually big industry players in the case of SAP.

Q: Can you share some unforgettable experience during this program?

A: The best when doing a PhD within SAP is seeing your ideas becoming alive. For instance one of the algorithms that developed during PhD program became a part of SAP Information Stuart, a data quality and lineage tool of SAP.

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The program has received warm responses since the start of 2014. To apply, submit your resume through the following links or drop us a note for more information.

SAP Internal: SG-58175529-EN-14-001    

SAP External: SG-58175530-EN-14-001

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