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SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain

v3.0 Excel-Addin Issues: Steps to troubleshoot



User is able to see the S&OP add-in, but upon connection user gets “Unable to connect to ….” error.

Possible reasons: 

  • Migrating from old add in(2.0) to new add-in (3.0)
  • This issue is often observed when S&OP add-in is deployed in multi-user deployments such as citrix server, windows terminal server


  • Copy the file ‘SOPXLClientPreference.xml’ from your installation folder, or from a user’s machine that has the add-in work properly (c:\users\<userid>\AppData\Local\EPMOfficeClient), and paste it to the user (with the issue) installation folder.
  • Make sure the full server URL is used when making the connection to the system from Excel. For example, https://<system>/sap/sop/addin/excel/

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