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openSAP course guide for repetition of "Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform"



As I also did for the last course that ran in 2013 I've created again a course guide to help you through the repetition of the openSAP course "Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform".  The course started on June 11th, 2014.

Since we last ran this course we've improved some functionality in the platform so that we want to provide you also with some updates around those improvements as wells as providing in the course some best practices from the initial course.

Week Guides

At the start of each week I've published a document that is related to the corresponding week of the course. Those documents provide you with additional material or explanations around the topic of the week. Depending on the feedback and questions inside the forum of the course I might also add additional material (e.g. videos) during and after the course to address the frequently asked questions so that you have a one-stop-shop for this course.

openSAP  guide SAP HANA Cloud PlatformAvailable (9am CET)
Week 1 - BasicsJune 11, 2014
Week 2 - Persistency basicsJune 17, 2014
Week 3 - Persistency advanced featuresJune 25, 2014
Week 4 - User Authentication and SecurityJuly 3, 2014
Week 5 - ConnectivityJuly 9, 2014
Week 6 - Advanced featuresJuly 16, 2014


Checkout a blog post from me with the direct links to all the videos of the course.

I hope you've enjoyed the course.

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